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2025-2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan Update

Make sure to check back here for updates on RCRPC MPO 2050 LRTP Update Project Infomation

LRTP RFP Questions & Answers

Q & A will be posted on this page 

Please send email to: for questions you may have about the 2050 LRTP Update Project

Question 1: What software is used for TDM?

Answer 1: We use QRS-II for the whole region, Cube is also available for the urbanized area as well.

Question 2: Rather than planned one and a half years, can we schedule to complete the LRTP project in one year?

Answer 2: Yes, as a small MPO, 12-14 months would be quite reasonable to stay on track and achieve our goals more efficiently.  

Question 3: How many public meetings are planned for this project?

Answer 3:  We are plan to have about 4-6 public meetings.  Based on the nature of the plan development , we will also take the recommendation from out consultant to determine the reasonable number of meetings.  we are really keen on hearing input form the public, and will also be gathering their feedback through the project website virtually as well.

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