RCRPC uses comprehensive planning to define the visions and goals for future community development in the Richland County area by analyzing and understanding the cause and effect of regional growth. The Commission develops and modifies a comprehensive plan that is laid out over a long range of time to outline the different projects and processes that will take place to improve the growth and development of the community.


The first Plan was completed in the early 1960’s. As the organization grew and assumed new transportation planning responsibilities, a new Comprehensive Region Wide Plan was completed in 1971 and reevaluated in the mid 1970’s to produce a plan for the year 2000. As the decades passed, it was clear that the growth scenarios forecast in the plan were not reflective of the current conditions in the County. The 2035 Comprehensive Plan for Richland County was produced in 2006 after a multiyear community wide planning effort.

The plan identifies unifying implementation strategies with comprehensive goals across six categories of

  • Land use Regulations

  • Infrastructure

  • Transportation

  • Economic development

  • Housing

  • Community Quality of Life

A commitment has been made to review and reevaluate the 2035 Richland County Comprehensive Plan on a regular basis with ongoing community involvement in the process.

This page last updated 1/5/2021