Jotika Shetty

Position: Executive Director

419-774-6202 |

Responsibilities Include: Business operations of the RCRPC, Land Use Planning, Subdivision Regulations, County CDBG Administrator, OPWC District 16 Liaison, Enterprise Zone Manager, Special Projects/Studies

Jill Rohr

Position: Transit Fiscal Officer

419-774-6396 |

Responsibilities Include: RCT fiscal officer and grant management. 

Todd Blankenship

Position: Transportation Technical Director

419-774-5968 |

Responsibilities Include: Guide and direct the planning program of the MPO, maintain the core products of the MPO, perform and participate in short and long range regional studies, coordinate project funding/scheduling. 

Position: Transportation Engineer


Responsibilities Include: Perform general traffic engineering studies to support short and long term range planning activities, develop county safety program, handle traffic counting. 

Nick Leturgey 

Position: Transportation Planner

419-774-7873 |

Responsibilities Include: Data collection and complete analysis of the transit system, coordination of the disabled/disadvantaged riders and the human services that serve Richland County, and promotion of bike and pedestrian facilities. Contributes to the Active Transportation plan and traffic counting. 

Lyndsie Martin 

Position: Mobility Manager


419-774-6203 |

Responsibilities Include: Coordination of county wide transportation to broker/schedule trips between human service agencies and transportation companies. Other duties: Quarterly newsletters, website design & updates.

David Gentile

Position: Transportation Planner


419-774-6205 |

Responsibilities Include: Primary GIS representative of the RPC and MPO. Collect and analyze demographics, traffic-related data, census information and other types of statistics for the region. Assist in completing the required elements of the MPO's Overall Work Program. 

Terri Kiser 

Position: Administative/Fiscal Assistant

419-774-5684 |

Responsibilities Include: Administrative support to overall office management and financial functions for RCRPC