Program Summary

Administered through the ODOT Office of Jobs and Commerce, Transportation Improvement Districts (TIDs) promote intergovernmental and public-private cooperation of transportation resources and investments.The program will award $4.5 million per fiscal year to TID projects statewide

Project Funding application requirements:
  1. Projects must contain additional sources of funding other than ODOT TID sources.

  2. Total amount of funding requested is limited to 25% of total project costs, or $250,000 maximum.

  3. Co-sponsors of a project may individually apply for up to $250,000 for a single project.

  4. (However, no more than 25 percent of a project's total costs shall be funded through the program.

  5. Administrative costs are prohibited.

  6. Funds are available on a reimbursement basis

  7. (awardees must enter a written agreement with the ODOT within 60 days of award notification)

  8. Application shall not exceed 15 pages

Projects will be scored on a 100 point scale:

  1. Project need and impact - Promote economic development (Up to 50 points)

    • Promotes Immediate Job Creation/Retention (20)

    • Provides New or Improved Access to Support Job Attraction and Retention (20)

    • Impacts a Substantial Ratio of Jobs in County (10)

  2. Project scope, schedule & budget (Up to 50 points)

    • Project phase that requested funds (current FY) will be applied to (20)

      • Design (10); Right of Way (10);  Construction (20)

    • Year that requested TID funds will be expended for this project phase (10)

      • Current (10); Next (5);  Future (0)

    • Percentage of secured vs targeted funding for project funds (20)

      • 100% of project funds are secured (20)

      • 50 % of project funds are secured (10)

      • Project funds are still being targeted but cannot be confirmed (5)

Tentative Project Funding Application Schedule 
Project Applications submitted to RC-TID: April 1 - May 1
RC-TID Applications submitted to ODOT: May 1 - May 31
Statewide TID Project Funds Awarded: July 16