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As we work together to contribute to the region’s interconnectivity and economic vitality, we will develop a 25-year (2025-2050) plan to prioritize infrastructure projects and policies to enhance the county’s robust multi-modal transportation system for all users.


With your help we can...

Enhance the inherent qualities of your community. Identify and then share the values and needs of the whole community. Establish a clear vision for years from 2025 to 2050 and prepare for future growth and development. Create a document with strategies to help manage and facilitate desirable outcomes as expressed by the larger community. Thank you for your interest in this project and the future of Richland County!

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The draft of the long-range transportation plan will be available soon.

Stay tuned!

About the Project

The 2025-2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan update will occur over several months and, when complete, will offer strategic recommendations including multimodal transportation improvement projects in short-term (2025-2030), mid-term (2031-2040) and long-term (2040-2050). The plan developed projects, such as, sidewalks for pedestrians and bicycles, roadway widening or safety improvement, transit improvement, etc., would encourage economic development, sustainability, and general improvements for residents' and businesses' continued quality of life. The process will include three key phases of work, each with various community engagement and outreach opportunities.


This phase will help everyone understand what assets currently exist, what challenges the community might face in the future, and what goals the community has for future growth and development.

Idea & Strategy Development

This phase allows the project team to think about long-term goals and strategic action items to ensure the community continues to maintain and improve its transportation network.

Community Driven Implementation

In this final phase, the project team will make sure the community has developed the tools and partners they need to make lasting changes in the community.

The Project Team

A critical part of the success of this planning process is the participation of property owners, residents, business owners, and other stakeholders in the community. A Long-Range Transportation Plan is, by its very nature, derived from the broader community.

​​To ensure that the planning process takes into account the ideas, concerns, and suggestions of the broader community, the planning process will incorporate three different groups of community members that will assist the consulting team in developing and reviewing potential transportation improvement projects for the Richland County region by 2050 and plan deliverables.

Regional Transportation Team

The regional transportation team will collaborate with the American Structurepoint team to guide the process and ultimately decide the direction of the final plan. Team members include: Adam Gove, Bob Bianchi, Jason Burgholder, Jason Larson, Jeff Kennedy, Chris Stanfield, Jodie Perry, Joe Gies, Larry Weirich, Scott Ockunzzi, Randy Hutchinson, Patrick Schwan, Greg Timberlake, Robert Jarvis, Kris Knapp, Pete Them, Nathaniel Vogt, Lawrence Hall, Barrett Thomas, Lyndsie Martin, Pong Wu, Jotika Shetty, Jean Taddie, Adam Hill-Warren, Jason Werner, and Carol Coovert.


The project leadership team, Richland County Regional Planning Commission staff, will serve as liaisons between the review team and the broader community.


The project stakeholders are individuals who represent a wide array of community interests, including major employers, developers, community organizations, and leaders.

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