Existing Transportation System

Improving the roadways will produce jobs, reduce travel time, increase public safety, and generate economic development for Richland County. The bulk of travel, and goods movement, occurs over the roads and bridges that make up the majority of our transportation system. This system accommodates a wide variety of modes and trip purposes.


Richland County has approximately 1,576 miles of roads with 262 miles being Interstate, US, and State Routes. The remaining roadways fall under the jurisdiction of the county, townships, and municipalities.

Highway Functional Classification System

All roadways are classified under the Highway Functional Classification system. This information continues to be used for the basis of federal funding eligibility. Functional Classification is divided into two basic systems: rural and urban. There are 6 subcategories in each of these systems.    


Interstate 11

Principal Arterial 13

Minor Arterial 16

Major Collector 138

Minor Collector 77

Local 635 

Total 890

Rural System miles
Interstate 10

Freeway & Expressway 20

Principal Arterial 30

Minor Arterial 73

Collector 127

Local 426

Total 686

Urban System miles

Richland County’s highway system is approximately 56.5% classified Rural and 43.5% classified Urban.

Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled Report (DVMT)

Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled (DVMT) is a simple mechanism to measure how much traffic is flowing along a roadway during an average 24 hour period. This formula multiplies Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) by the length of the roadway. For example; if a roadway was 2 miles in length and the AADT was 4000 vehicles per day the DVMT would be computed by multiplying 2*4,000 =8,000 or 8,000 DVMT

Estimates from ODOT Office of Technical Services

Richland County carries 1.12 % of the statewide Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT). In Richland County 65.9% of the VMT (urban) takes place on 43.5% of the system (urban miles).


Richland County has 639 structures. ODOT maintains 211; Richland County is responsible for 359; and the remaining are the responsibility of local jurisdictions, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and others.


Rt. 30 Reconstruction: 

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) proposes to reconstruct US 30 from the SR 13/Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge east to Fifth Avenue in the City of Mansfield. Reconstruction includes:

  • Replacing all of the mainline pavement

  • Replacing the Ashland Railway and SR 545 bridges over US 30

  • Rehabilitating the Fifth Avenue and SR 13/NS Railroad bridges over US 30

  • Removing and filling the bridge over the existing private drive into B&R Recycling LLC (from East Longview Avenue)

  • Removing the SR 13 and SR 545 interchanges

  • Constructing a new diamond interchange on US 30 between the existing SR 13 & SR 545 interchanges

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