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The Richland County Regional Planning Commission’s bylaws and rules of procedure establish administrative guidelines for the board of county commissioners and representatives from RCRPC member municipalities.

Bylaws and Rules of Procedure

Public Records

To ensure the right of all persons to access the records maintained by RCRPC, a public records request form is linked below. Please direct all public record inquiries to the records manager, who is available during office hours, Monday thru Friday, 8:00a – 12:00p, 12:30p – 4:30p.

Public Records Request

Public Participation

The RCRPC promotes public participation in transportation planning to ensure the public’s needs and preferences are met. This participation is essential to keep a mutual understanding and trust between RCRPC and the public it seeks to serve. The public involvement plan provides direction and guidelines for seeking and processing public input.

Public Involvement Plan

Title VI/Non Discrimination Program 2016

The non-discrimination program’s purpose is to inform both internal actors and the public of the RCRPC’s compliance with the US Department of Transportation’s Title VI regulations. The RCRPC, along with most federal agencies, have adopted regulations that prohibit recipients of federal funds from using criteria or administration methods that subject individuals to discrimination based on race, color, or national origin. Furthermore, the US Supreme Court has held that such regulations may validly prohibit practices that have a disparate impact on protected groups, even if the actions or practices are not intentionally discriminatory. To learn more, see the links below.

Title VI Non Discrimination Program 2016

Title VI Non Discrimination Policy Statement

Public Rights Under Title VI

Discrimination Complaint Form

Complaint Procedures

The public may file written complaints concerning the RCRPC’s planning, management, or program administration in compliance with federal regulations. Complaints can be made by representatives on behalf of complainants, and will be logged and heard by executive committee. A complaint form, linked below, is encouraged but not required to submit a written complaint. The complaint must be filed no later than 180 calendar days from the most recent date of alleged discrimination, and 30 days will be allowed for response to any written request for additional information. Please submit any written complaints via mail to ATTN: Complaint Resolution, Richland County Regional Planning 19 N Main St Mansfield, OH 44902.

Complaint Form

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