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Truck Freight
North South Routes
  • Interstate 71: Northwest from the Morrow county line to the Ashland county line. Truck ADTs range from 11500 to 12200, this is 25-28% of I-71 traffic.

  • State Route 13: North from the Knox county line through Mansfield to the Huron county line. Truck counts range from 4% all the way to 15% of SR 13 traffic.

East West Route
  • US Route 30: Runs through the middle of the county from the Crawford County line to the Ashland County line. Truck ADTs range from 3000 to 5200 and account for 14-23% of US 30 traffic.

Rail Freight

Ohio’s rail freight network ranks 4th nationally in total miles of rail and ranks 6th nationally in number of railroads.

  • CSX- Greenwich to Crestline: Line running from Greenwich (Huron County) to Crestline.

  • Norfolk Southern: The East West line running through Richland County.

  • Ashland Railway: Providing Freight service to Ashland, Mansfield, Shelby, Plymouth, and Willard, Ohio. 

  • Mansfield- West Salem Line: Line runs from Mansfield to West Salem and was recently upgraded to Class II condition (25 mph). Operates Mansfield Rail Port, which is a warehouse built to meet the steel industry needs. Constructed a new rail yard north of Mansfield for anticipated growth of rail traffic.

ODOT - Statewide Planning & Research
Maritime & Freight Program 

A 21st century transportation system requires all modes to work in concert with each other including rail freight and maritime. The objectives of this unit are to look at new ways to integrate and take advantage of Ohio’s vast resources in moving goods within and through Ohio to support a global economy. Please visit the ODOT Maritime Freight Program link to view more.

Comprehensive Freight Plan

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Transport Ohio will guide, inform and support future infrastructure investments on Ohio’s multi-modal freight network to retain and attract jobs and commerce. To view the Transport Ohio Comprehensive Freight Plan, please visit the ODOT’s Transport Ohio Comprehensive Plan PDF to learn more.

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