In 1966, the Regional Planning Commission was decided as the most appropriate existing agency in Richland County to take on the Comprehensive Land Use and Transportation Study.  Due to conflicts in the rules and regulations governing membership on the RCRPC and membership on the Policy Body of the Comprehensive Land Use and Transportation Study, it was necessary to create a separate autonomous body, a “Coordinating Committee,” to oversee this new transportation responsibility.  This committee became to be known as the Metropolitan Planning Organization.  Organized though the RCRPC, the MPO for the Mansfield Urbanized Area is the Coordinating Committee of the Continuing Land Use and Transportation Study. There are five core functions of the RCRPC MPO:

Evaluate transportation alternatives, scaled to the size and complexity of the region, to the nature of its transportation issues, and to the realistically available options, including funding resources.

Evaluate Alternatives

Establish and provide a fair and impartial setting for effective regional transportation related decision making in Richland County.

Establish a Setting

Develop and update a long-range transportation plan for the area which spans a planning horizon of at least twenty (20) years.  This plan should foster mobility and access for people and goods, efficient system performance and preservation, and improved quality of life. 

Maintain a Long Range Transportation Plan (LTIP)

Develop a 4 year project implementation program that is based on the long range transportation plan, and designed to serve the areas' goals, using spending, regulating, operating, management, and financial tools. 

Develop a Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)

Ensure that the general public, and all of the significantly affected sub-groups, have the opportunity to be actively involved in the core functions that are listed above. 

Involve the Public