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Economic Development

The Richland County Regional Planning Commission oversees the Revolving Loan Fund, which provides financial assistance to small businesses, and administers the Enterprise Zone Program, which offers tax incentives for business expansion. Additionally, the commission offers support to and cooperation with the Richland Community Development Group, the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce, and Downtown Mansfield, Inc.

Revolving Loan Fund

The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) provides financial assistance to small business and industry projects aimed at increasing the economic base of the area, especially in the case of low- and middle-income job creation. The RLF is administered by the Richland County Regional Planning Commission through community development block grants, with assistance obtained from other sources in the community. Click a button below to find out more or apply for assistance.

Enterprise Zone Program

The Ohio Enterprise Zone Program provides real and personal property tax exemptions to businesses making investments in Ohio. As part of the program, Richland County is divided into eight distinct zones. These zones designate areas in which businesses can receive tax exemptions on eligible new investments. The RCRPC has served as the zone manager for Richland County since the late 1980’s, handling exemptions and acting as a local contact for the Ohio Development Services Agency. With permission from the state, Mansfield established an enterprise zone outside of the Richland County umbrella in 2003, though the RCRPC still supports the city in administering the related agreements.


For more information or to apply for exemptions, visit the Ohio Development Services Agency Website here. 

Richland County Zones:

Zone 82

Madison Township

Monroe Township

Lucas Village

Zone 85

City of Shelby

Zone 96

City of Mansfield

Zone 125

City of Ontario

Zone 137

Plymouth Township

Cass Township

Shiloh Village

Zone 147

Lexington Village

Washington Township

Zone 155

Village of Plymouth 

Richland County Tax Incentive Review Council- (RC-TIRC)

The Richland County Tax Incentive Review Council (RC-TIRC) is an inter-jurisdictional body formed under the guidelines of Ohio Revised Code, Section 5709.85. Its job is to review the performance of each enterprise zone agreement. The RC-TIRC is advisory in nature and reviews each enterprise zone agreement annually to determine whether or not businesses have complied with the terms of the agreement. RCRPC serves as the secretary of the RC-TIRC in Richland County.

Richland County Growth Corporation 

Richland County Growth Corporation (RCGC) is a non-profit corporation formed on October 21, 1966 under Chapter 1724 of the Ohio Revised Code. RCGC is organized as a Community Improvement Corporation to promote industrial, economic, commercial, and civic development. RCGC is authorized to serve as an agent for any political subdivision for the sale or lease of lands. RCRPC serves as secretary to the RCGC and is responsible for meeting notices and record maintenance.

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