Active Transportation

Richland County Active Transportation Plan

The Active Transportation Plan seeks to create a regional document that: guides and identifies necessary bicycle and pedestrian projects throughout the County; provides guidance on developing programs that educate and encourage residents to walk and bike as healthy, enjoyable and efficient transportation choices; focuses on ways to improve, expand and connect existing bicycle, pedestrian and transit networks.

Richland County ATP Interactive Map

The Active Transportation Plan's Interactive Map is a continually updated project list that highlights active transportation projects that are planned, in-progress, or recently finished in Richland County.

The Richland B&O Trail
The Richland B&O Trail is a paved, 18.4 mile, multi-use trail opened in 1995 as part of the federal rails-to-trails program. The trail is built on the former Baltimore & Ohio Railway line and rolls through the communities of Mansfield, Lexington, Bellville, and Butler. Each community has multiple access points and parking opportunities. 
Bike Lanes / Shared Lanes

Mansfield has 5.7 miles of designated marked bike route signs and sharrows on Walnut, W. 6th, Rowland, Elmwood, Linden, Arlington, Parkview, Bartley, Cline, Wilmar,  and Mulberry streets. The city loop connects with the Richland B&O Trail at North Lake Park.

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)
TAP is a federal program that funds projects to establish and improve the infrastructure for nonmotorized transportation. The program provides federal funds for community-based projects that expand travel choices and enhance the transportation experience by integrating modes and improving the cultural, historic, and environmental aspects of our transportation infrastructure. For additional information, click the link above or view the appendix here.
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Richland B & O Trail
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