The Community Development Program provides communities with a flexible housing and community development resource that can be used to address locally identified needs that are eligible Community Development Block Grant activities and qualify under the national objective Low- and Moderate- Income (LMI) Benefit or Elimination of Slum and Blight. The program includes competitive set-aside funding for Neighborhood Revitalization, Downtown Revitalization and Critical Infrastructure. 


CDBG funds are awarded to Richland County, and have been administered by the Planning Commission for nearly 30 years. This program has funded over 8 million dollars in community projects to benefit the low and moderate income population of the region. The allocation in recent years has been around $250,000 for a biennial grant.

Potential Applicants:

1. Projects should be located outside the City of Mansfield, or serve a clientele residing outside of these cities in proportion to the share of the total project that Richland County CDBG is requested to fund. 

2. CDBG activities must meet one of the following national objectives:

  • Benefit to low and moderate income persons

  • Elimination of slum and blighting conditions

  • Address urgent community development needs

3. Applicants should present their proposal on "Project Proposal Form"

4.Applications are solicited in February/March of the program year and completed applications are due late May/early June of the program year and funds awarded in Oct/Nov.

5. Program year CDBG funded projects have a timeframe of 2 years to be completed. 

6. Other sources of funds should be clearly identified and leveraged.

7.Funds cannot be used to support public improvements for future or speculative developments.

8. Requests for construction projects should be aware of substantial requirements for bidding and contract management. Preference may be given to project applicants indicating that construction management and supervision will be by a qualified engineering or architectural firm. CDBG funds will not pay for these services. Construction projects of $2500 or more must be planned using David-Bacon Wage Rates. 

For more information on the CDBG program, visit

CDBG Project Proposal Form - Richland County PY 2021

CDBG Project Proposal Form- Targets of Opportunity 2020