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Emergency Home Repair Program

Richland County, utilizing Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, operates a program intended to reduce the immediate risk to health and safety in homes owned and occupied by low income families.



The program will provide assistance, if appropriate, to deal with the following conditions associated with the home:

  • Correcting structural deficiencies

  • Repairing or replacing unsafe or nonfunctional space heating or water heating systems

  • Improving accessibility or making repairs for the physically impaired

  • Repairing or replacing unsafe plumbing to ensure safe drinking water and sewage disposal

  • Repairing electrical wiring or fixtures

  • Repairing damaged walls, floors and roofs

  • Making other interior or exterior repairs necessary for health and safety of the resident

Typically, the program will not provide assistance with cosmetic repairs, weatherization, or replacing doors or windows. 


Homeowners in the unincorporated areas of Richland County and its villages are eligible for this program. To qualify for help, they must document that their total household does not exceed 80% of the Mansfield MSA Area Median Income (AMI). The assistance is provided to the homeowner in the form of a deferred loan, which is forgiven over a period of five years if the homeowner continues to live in the home.


The program is administered by Ohio Regional Development Corporation under contract with the County.

Contact Information

For more information about the program, qualification criteria or application material, contact:

Ohio Regional Development Corporation

43 W Main Street

Shelby, OH 44875

Phone: 419-347-6310

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