The Richland County Regional Planning Commission operates under the provisions of Section 713.21 & 713.23 of the Ohio Revised Code. It is comprised of fifty-four individuals. The objective of the RCRPC is to determine the people’s needs, problems and hopes, and to plan the environment in accordance with them. Combined with the active Past Presidents and the special Coordinating Committee members, the Commission represents a diverse cross section of the governmental, business and civic leadership of Richland County. The Commission is not a Richland County department, but rather a separate entity. The “region” served is all of Richland County, including its municipalities and townships.

RCRPC members appoint representatives to sit on standing committees. These committees include Personnel, Zoning Subdivision and Land Use Review, the GIS Consortium Committee and any other special committee based on subject matter. With the assistance of the RCRPC staff, these committees are charged with making recommendations to the full commission.

The Commission employs a staff of professionals and technicians to undertake a variety of programs and projects, including: