2016 RCRPC Strategic Action Plan

The 2016 strategic planning effort of the Richland County Regional Planning Commission (RPC) will result in positive changes to help the organization become of greater value to the county, its jurisdictions, and citizens. As a major part of the planning effort, a comprehensive interview process was conducted and included Commission members, staff members, and community leaders. This effort supported analysis of RPC’s services, strengths, and weaknesses. As a result of the interview process, we learned that RPC has many strengths, few weaknesses, and important opportunities to create positive impacts for Commission member organizations and communities. Based on the findings of this planning effort and in the interest of continuing to engage Commission members, RPC decided to focus its actionable planning on staffing, visibility, and location. In addition, as a result of interview feedback, RPC created a community forum to discuss and make recommendations relative to the county’s public transportation system.

Transit Committee

A community committee, led by Commission member Duana Patton, responded to feedback from RPC members and community leaders on the subject of public transportation (RPC manages government grant funding for the county’s public transportation system). Deliverables from this committee include the following:

RCTB Fact Sheet 1

RCT Fact Sheet 2

Transit Committee Recommendations (DRAFT)