RCRPC develops reports and promotes programs to encourage safety throughout the community


schooltravelThe School Travel Plan Guideline

The School Travel Plan Guideline provides information of safe routes to school by walking or bicycling in order to create a more sustainable environment and safe non-vehicular atmosphere. This guide can be used as a reference to determine a strategy for the safest route for children and adults by active transportation as they travel to and from school. It can be used to assist the community in completing the Ohio School Travel Plan (STP) which is a required component of any Ohio Safe Route to School (SRTS) application. 

safecommunitiesThe Richland County Safe Communities Coalition

The Richland County Safe Communities Coalition is a traffic safety grant program of Richland Public Health, Health Promotion/Education Division. The grant-funded project is sponsored by the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the Ohio Traffic Safety Office and is a community-based program creating awareness and prevention of injuries caused by traffic crashes. Safe Communities is a program developed to establish and/or expand partnerships within each community to achieve a safer, healthier community, and in return reduce costs associated with injury. In addition to business, education, and health care leaders in the community, the Coalition includes each law enforcement agency in Richland County.