Transportation coordination here in Mansfield/Richland County comes under the auspices of the Agency Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC), a committee of the Richland County Regional Planning Commission, made up of representatives of government entities, private and public social service agencies that are currently providing some form of transportation to disabled, elderly or otherwise disadvantaged individuals, and public and private transportation providers. The goal of the committee is to coordinate existing routes and vehicles to bring efficiency to the roster of transportation services that are available in Richland County.

ATAC helps people find transportation resources for in and out of county needs and identifies appropriate and cost effective transportation options. A fare is sometimes charged for rides; often funding sources can be identified.

Specifically, the ATAC monitors transportation services that are available within the county for the elderly and persons with disabilities. The committee provides input regarding the availability and effectiveness of these services within the community, and regarding the need for additional transportation services for this target population.

One of the functions of ATAC is the review of usage of vehicles that have been procured through the 5310 program, and assistance to an agency, or agencies, to submit grants to the Ohio Department of Transportation for the 5310 program. This plan functions as the logical extension of planning for this program.