If you wish to create a minor subdivision, you will need to follow these steps and submit all of the following documents:

  1. Submit the following information to the Tax Map Department of the Richland County , Ohio Engineer’s Office for approval
    1. Conveyance documents, all copies thereof, together with 2 copies of a survey drawing and legal description of the parcel or parcels involved, prepared by a professional surveyor. The survey shall meet the Minimum Standards for Boundary Surveys in the State of Ohio and include the following:
      1. Location of proposed subdivision
      2. Location of all existing streets on or abutting the parcel to be subdivided, existing buildings, individual water supply and sewage disposal system, and pertinent easements of record
  • Lot lines with width and depth dimensions in feet and all areas of all parcels being created by the division in acre
  1. The location and dimension of the original tract
  2. The location, widths and other dimensions of proposed easements, parks and other open spaces
  3. Names of recorded owners of the parcel to be subdivided, date of surveyor, and certification and seal of the professional surveyor to the effect that the survey made by him balances and closes and that all dimensions and geodetic details are accurate and correct
  1. Affidavit of Compliance provided by the approving authority
  1. If the proposed subdivision is approved, the survey shall be recorded in the office of the Richland County Recorder with the recording of the instrument of conveyance. Failure to file such approved survey within one year of approval shall void the approval.

For a complete and more detailed description of the Minor Subdivision Process, please refer to the Subdivision Regulations for Richland County, Ohio; Article III, Section 300.1.