For most of Richland County, addresses are issued by the local municipality or township officials. Regional Planning handles numbering for Butler, Cass and Worthington Townships and offers assistance to other address assigners.

Wish to obtain an address for your building?

If you wish to obtain a house number for your property, determine the jurisdiction your property is located in and contact the address assigner on the contact list.

For Butler, Cass or Worthington townships address assignment, click the button below.

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RCRPC also helps maintain the Location Based Response System (LBRS) and OGRIP (state GIS) initiative to collect address data for the entire state.

Regional Planning does NOT notify commercial map providers (Google, Apple, Garmin, etc.) of address updates and has no special contacts or influence with these vendors. Regional Planning does provide their data to these companies upon request under open records laws. Regional Planning can assist in determining if there are problems with an address, but you must contact the vendor directly to address any problems with a commercial map product.

Address Assigners