Comprehensive PlanRCRPC uses comprehensive planning to define the visions and goals for future community development in the Richland County area by analyzing and understanding the cause and effect of regional growth. The Commission develops and modifies a comprehensive plan that is laid out over a long range of time to outline the different projects and processes that will take place to improve the growth and development of the community.

Driveway Siting GuidebookDriveway location should be considered in relation roads, other drives and topographical conditions. Properly located driveways promote traffic safety and efficiency, maintain even traffic flow and reduce collisions. While a number of Ohio communities have regulations for driveways known as access management; Richland County has not adopted formal county-wide standards. This guidebook has been compiled from a draft of standards that had been proposed for the county. The suggestions are intended to assisted residents in locating Low Volume driveways.

Farmland Preservation PlanRichland County’s effort to prepare a Farmland Preservation Plan in 1999 takes place in the shadow of two major components of the community’s heritage. The first part of the heritage that is of note is the very name of the County. The settlers of this area selected the name “Richland” for the new County when it was organized in 1813. The name describes the fertility of the land. The second component of our unique farmland heritage is that Richland County was the birthplace of Pulitzer Prize winning author Louis Bromfield, who used his fame and fortune to implement exemplary farming techniques at his Malabar Farm in southeastern Richland County from the late 1930’s into the 1950’s.

Public Improvement StandardsThe Public Improvement Standards are adopted by Richland County, Ohio, for the purpose of setting forth standards for dedication and acceptance of public improvements in the unincorporated area of Richland County, Ohio.