Agency Structure

Richland County Regional Planning Full Commission

The Richland County Regional Planning Commission consists of the following members who may hold any other public office and may serve as a member of the city, village or current planning commission, except as otherwise provided in the charter of any city or village:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for personnel, finances and public relations governing the activities of the Regional Planning Commission staff. They assist the staff in formulating planning work programs to be carried out by the staff personnel and approved by the Regional Planning Commission; while also reviewing actions and recommendations of all Standing Committees and Special Committees established by the President of the Regional Planning Commission.
The Executive Committee consists of voting members from the RCRPC Full Commission.

Planning Advisory Council

The Planning Advisory Council consists of the Richland County Regional Planning Commission’s past presidents who wish to continue to serve and vote on the Regional Planning Commission as members of the Full Commission.

Coordinating Committee (MPO)

The Coordinating Committee, also known as the Metropolitan Planning Organization, was created to oversee the responsibility of the Comprehensive Land Use and Transportation Study. The five core functions of this committee is to establish a setting, evaluate alternatives, maintain a Long Range Transportation Plan, develop the Transportation Improvement Plan, and to involve the public.